Programs Operated by Central West Specialized Developmental Services

Residential Programs On-Site:  Central West Specialized Developmental Services is located in downtown Oakville on an 11.5 acre property with a central administration and recreation building.  All clients have lifelong cognitive and intellectual challenges.  In addition, each individual has further disabilities including physical and medical fragility, behavioural and psychiatric disorders.  Each client is served on-site by a specifically trained multidisciplinary team. 

Residential Programs Off-Site:  Two community homes provide residential and day program support to eleven of our residents previously living on-site.  A third home operates in partnership with Peel Behavioural Services and provides residential and day program support to four individuals who came from the facility closure at Southwestern Regional Centre.  A fourth home is being planned for to provide support to an additional four individuals from Southwestern Regional Centre.  Four more community homes are slated to open in the coming two years, and will provide residential and day program support for more of our residents currently living on-site.

On-Site Respite Program:  This program operates on-site in a separate house and serves clients with multiple needs, ranging in age from five years to adulthood.  It provides non-emergency respite for families and caregivers for the weekend, or up to a week at a time.  The program is recreationally focused taking into consideration the needs of the clients currently utilizing the program.  For more information, please contact Mary Lynn Boutcher by phone at 905-844-7864 Ext. 316, or by E-Mail at

Halton Support Services (HSS):  Halton Support Services provides access to a variety of supports and resources.  These supports and resources are available to assist individuals with developmental disabilities within the Halton Community to live in, and be active members of, the Halton community.  The Community Support Workers assist in finding innovative ways to overcome barriers.  Halton Support Services are represented at a number of regional committees and groups that meet to work collaboratively with other community service providers.  The following are the programs they support:  Children's Program, Adult Program, Respite Program, Critical Service Funds, coordinated access for Ministry funded adult and childrens' services in Halton, Service Resolution Function, Wraparound process, Passages program, transfer payment agency for Special Services at Home Program for children as well as Passport Respite and Participation Development Growth.  For more information, please contact:  905-849-8000 or or visit

Dual Diagnosis Service:  The Dual Diagnosis Service's goals are to improve the quality of life and functioning of individuals with a dual diagnosis in their community settings through better understanding from a biopsychosocial perspective.  This is also done by providing their caregivers with a practical plan of care and treatment that reflects this approach, as well as to strengthen the knowledge and skills of those who support individuals with a dual diagnosis.  The service provides comprehensive assessment, treatment planning / interpretation, on-site support with follow-up by Resource Workers for up to a year, mentoring for caregivers, consultation and education / training.  For more information, please call:   905-844-7864 Ext. 325.

Central West Region Passport Initiative (CWRPI):  This initiative is for adults with a developmental disability who have completed school and are seeking community participation supports.  CWRPI reviews and accesses standard provincial application forms for Passport and confirms eligibility.  CWRPI determines the level of need and matches to a category of support using a provincial tool, and determines the level of priority for receipt of Passport.  Individuals and families have the option to receive Passport supports directly to make their own arrangements to purchase supports and services, or to choose to access services through community-based agencies.  For more information about this initiative visit the Minsitry of Community and Social Services' website at htpp://  Click on "Developmental Services" and then click on "Programs for Young Adults Who Have Left School"

Central West Community Network of Specialized Care:  As the lead agency the Network in Central West Region, works with community partners to develop, coordinate and streamline access to specialized resources; builds sector knowledge and training in the area of developmental services; establishes liasons and partnerships with associated sectors.  For more information, please call 905-844-7864 Ext. 321.  To learn more about the Community Networks visit